History Of

     Our Bakery 

NLLC Bake was inspired by four girls whom are the hearts of start of this baking idea. First starting of baking from the heart for these four girls in the family kitchen then leading to a full time business. NLLC Bake believe in freshness which is why all products are baked fresh on order. Every order is baked fresh and from the heart.


Our Services

NLLC Productions Pty Ltd group was established in 2013,establishing itself in the bakery industry and service a variety of clients to which they provide handmade bakery products to suit each client’s specific needs. We service clients in the following industries in Gauteng: Tertiary institutions Restaurants and franchise groups Hotels and Hospitality venues Primary and Secondary schools and Hospitals.

For your comfort

Stunning Things

High Quality Foods
Quality food means real, minimally processed food that your body knows how to digest and use as fuel.
Inspiring Recipies
To me, my recipes are priceless.
Salutary Meals
We take food, for example, out of necessity, but while we are eating, a gluttonous spirit creeps in and we begin to take delight in the eating for its own sake


Seasonal Menus

From company picnics to holiday parties and everything in between, we can craft a seasonal event that exceeds expectations.
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Happy Customers